Young Peace Ambassadors training session & Character Education Training (Gabon)

IAYSP-Gabon organized training sessions for New Peace Ambassadors.
The training consisted in transmitting to the ambassadors the constitution of IAYSP. Six people attended this training among them, two ambassadors.

Also, they organized a training seminar on character education and the presentation of the IAYSP. It had the participation of nine young people, who showed their interest in this training.

There were some testimonies as follow:

“This training session is important for us; to have the constitution and know exactly about our responsibility and YSP. So, we’re relieved to have this session”.

“I liked the guest who came, the activities. Today, I had a feeling of interior peace and emptiness”.

“The training is a great initiative. I must say that it is not easy to transmit the education of the character because to do so, the person lecturing must practice it. The law of living for others is really difficult to apply, especially in reality, but it is the path that must be taken”.