Workshop on the Establishment of Peace Clubs in Communities (Nigeria)


IAYSP-NIGERIA Organized a one-day workshop on the establishment of peace clubs in the communities with the attendance of 137 participants.

The President of IAYSP-Nigeria gave the opening/welcome Address by drawing attention to the growing challenge of cultism and drug abuser in the communities. Hence the need for an alternative in education and developing the youth towards peaceful ventures. He also introduced the core value of IAYSP: R.I.S.E. (Responsible Youth, Integrity, Service to the community, and Empathy).

About ten heads of schools who attended the event gave positive feedback and are preparing for IAYSP to visit their school to train the trainer workshop. They will manage the peace club in the school, together with the community leaders. They expressed feeling inspired about the initiatives.

It also features the appointment of the Councilor of Okpoma as Youth ambassador For Peace, who promises to promote the Peace Club initiatives.

The President highlighted the core point of character education and reiterated the need for young people to take marriage issues seriously.

Before closing, most youth leaders were determined to bring their community to understand and support the IAYSP Program.