The Borderless Study Room – Hi, High! English Camps (Korea)

On February 13, 2020, Hi, High! English camps were held simultaneously in three small-to-medium size cities, such as Gochang and Gapyeong. This project, ‘The Borderless Study Room,’ is a Peace Designer Project working to support Sustainable Development Goal, No. 4, i.e. “quality education for everyone.” About 100 Korean multicultural youth and college students, along with nearly 150 college students from Europe and the United States participated.

In order to have a meaningful day, the English Camp began with ice breaker exercises, conversational games and sharing time within each of the teams.

It became quickly obvious that nationality and borders were not so important. The difference in education, led to different aspirations. The Borderless Study Room, which planned this program, is an educational service project from Peace Designers that created opportunities for many people to realize their dreams.