Teaching Character Education #Panama

On June 22, YSP Panama organized a one-day seminar at YSP Headquarters. Twelve young people, including staff and lecturers attended.

Esteban Pineda presented, “YSP Introduction, Mission and Vision”. Pineda, through his presentation, seeked to support youth understandings of how YSP can contribute to peace building. Moreover, Ms. Isabela De Lora presented character education, “What does it mean to be good?”

The program highlighted the importance of how grateful we can feel if we are able to fulfill our responsibility. The more we fulfill our responsibility in goodness the happier we become. Being happy is being responsible and pertains to benefitting others. Laura De Lora presented the second lesson entitled, “Where do I learn to be good?”

De Lora highlighted that goodness starts in our family. It starts with our parents. Parents are their children’s first teachers. Children learn how to develop their heart and character that helps them to live for the good of others. Ms. Aylin De Lora presented the third and final lesson of the seminar entitled, “Sustainable Peace”. Social problems were discussed and she asked the participants how the sustainability of peace can be achieved despite many conflicts.

After the seminar, a group photo was taken and lunch was shared together. Participants were motivated and uplifted through gaining insights into Youth and Students for Peace’s vision for creating a world of peace. They are interested in continuing the lecture series and joining the upcoming activities.