IAYSP-CAMEROON organized an S!NERGY program on zoom on November 15, 2020, at 3 pm with a total of 25 participants. Mr. Achille Mounada, IAYSP Subregional president of Central Africa, and the Secretary-General were present at the event.

Two participants qualified for this S!NERGY program. Miss Mbimba Gloria did a project on local production. Barra Maglorie, an engineer, did a project on sheep fattening in the northern part of Cameroon. They are both students at the University of Maroua in Cameroon. Based on the judges’ evaluation of their presentations, presenter Barre Magloire won the 1st prize, and Miss Mbimba Gloria followed in 2nd place.

Mr. Barre Magloire will be representing the nation at the Sub-Regional level S!NERGY Event that will be held on December 6, 2020. The two awardees were very excited and grateful to receive the S!NERGY award and feel it has added more value to their projects. They both promised to get more involved with the IAYSP vision and activities.