Skills Training and Character Development to Create a Positive Impact Economically and Socially #Uganda

During January 14 – 22, 2022, IAYSP Uganda organized hands-on skills training and character development for the Cream Women’s Group, in Kalagala Primary School.

The activity transpired in Kalagala Primary School where, in two groups of twenty-five each, women received education in character development, and training in practical skills in how to make liquid soap.

The training was designed in such a way as to improve their character, imparting in them the fundamental virtues of life to assist them in developing a balanced life.

The training was used as a platform to guide participants into understanding how to have positive impacts in their homes and communities – economically and socially – to create resilient communities in the Ntenjeru Town council, and empower the participants to have prosperous and more successful lives. Through developing liquid soap making capabilities, the goal is to support the women in Kalagala and the surrounding village to overcome COVID-19 and diversify their household income generating avenues.

Lady Ann Nabakooza, a teacher counsellor and instructor in hands-on skills, facilitated the training. Mr. Asan Kezimbira, President of IAYSP Uganda, conducted the character development training.

The team of IAYSP Uganda intends to follow up with the participants through the following means:

  • Social media platforms such as Whatsapp and Facebook. Participants’ issues shall be attended to through these social media platforms; especially with the few people who can use smartphones.
  • Help-desk. We have offices with at least one official available daily as a focal point for ongoing access to resources and advice.
  • Web-based materials shall be shared with the participants.
  • There is also the plan to establish centers of practice for ongoing support. The next training shall be conducted one-on-one to ensure that the participants are fully equipped.