Seventh Peace Design Table – Depression & Suicide #Angola

IAYSP Angola organized the seventh Peace Design Table, Depression & Suicide on December 6, 2020.
Ambassador Ermelinda Dala and eight Peace Makers reflected on the topic and concluded that to effectively solve this problem, long-term solutions were required.

Suggested actions were:
– Encourage debates about depression in schools, churches, and philanthropic groups.
– Community houses and reception centres.
– Advertise television and radio programs on the subject in question.
– Make people aware of at least three out of ten signs of depression and how to identify them.

And the suggested solutions were:
– Express acceptance and empathy towards people suffering from depression.
– Encourage media to allocate increased exposure to the topic of depression.
– To have self-love so that we have more love for our neighbour.
– To make people alert to cultural issues and talk about ways to deal with them (for example, when a father or mother leaves).