Second Peace Heroes Talk #Austria

On February 24, 2022, IAYSP Austria organized a second Zoom event from the monthly series, Peace Heroes. The event commenced with a presentation of the inspiring life and achievements of Dasrath Manjhi.

Inspired by the death of his wife, Dasrath started digging a street over the local mountain for a faster and safer connection from the village to the hospital and surrounding areas. Despite the lack of support from his community, he worked alone for many years. Shortly before his death, the government finally sponsored the paving of the road and founded a hospital in his village that, unfortunately, he never had the opportunity to physically witnessed.

From Manjhi’s life, we can learn that we should never give up on our dreams. Ultimately, somebody will recognize good deeds that we perform, and greater things can come about more than we can imagine.

After the talk, people discussed in small groups what they could take away from Manjhi’s life how to apply these to their own life.