Providing Tools for the New Stage of Going to University #Thailand

IAYSP organized this meeting to provide an improved understanding of life for children and youth who will have the opportunity to receive university education. IAYSP focused on providing them with the tools to live a life with integrity through talks, testimonies, and activities. They also lead the children to study social life, encourage and guide further studies, and build healthy and enriching relationships with others.

There were seventy-four participants. The MC was Ms. Sukanya Triwatapholkul and the lecturer, Ms. Patcharaphon Sriboonplang.

Some reflections from the children and young people were as follows:

I know that I’m impressed with the activities. I was impressed with the staff who shared advice about how to live a successful life and how they explained that their understanding came from knowing the vision of IAYSP. Topics such as: How can we be happy and successful in life?

As a development plan, IAYSP will conduct follow-up sessions and build a strong relationship with participants to guide them in practicing good values in life.