Personal Development and Ways to Make a Better World #Peru

During the month of November, IAYSP Peru organized several Zoom events and activities that instilled knowledge and tools to youth for bettering themselves and the world.

Comas Youth Encounter:

On November 13 and 20 through Zoom, YSP held youth meetings for young people from Comas. Through these meetings, young people share relevant topics for their personal growth. They devised ways to practice service and in their spare time, they strengthened their friendships with entertaining and educational games. Each week, one member of the group assumes the responsibility of giving a talk and structuring a new experience. This month, youth received conferences such as, “Things to practice in quarantine” and “Self-esteem.”

Agents of Change:

On November 7 and 21, IAYSP youth congregated through Zoom to participate in the “Agents of Change program” – a program where they learn principles that will help shape the leaders that guide our society.
This month, youth received guidance on managing emotions while playing video games. In this way, young people could develop strategies to maintain their integrity by playing and interacting in a friendly manner. These strategies will positively influence their relationships. In addition, they shared an afternoon of games, where they shared fun and fraternal moments.

Environmental Forum: Youth, let’s plant the future:

On November 19, an environmental forum, “Youth, let’s plant the future”, was held with the Regional Council of Puno. The objective of this forum was to create awareness among the youth of the Puno region and served as a prelude to the tree planting projects planned for the future. Youth leaders from different organizations pledged to be part of this environmental movement.

National Security and Youth:

On November 20, IAYSP held a discussion on the new approach to national security at the beginning of the Bicentennial of Peru’s Independence. They also discussed the role of youth towards peace. The event was organized in partnership with the Center for Higher National Studies of Peru, for which the Peruvian Army General, Walter Astudillo Chávez, played an essential role.