Online Youth Meeting (Peru)

In September, IAYSP Perú realized Online Youth Meeting and Meeting for High School Students.

On September 4,11,18,25, IAYSP Perú realized Online Youth Meeting Comas and met every Friday through Zoom to strengthen and promote the integral development of young people, who also set goals to invite more people to these meetings.

On September 5,12,19,26, 2020, IAYSP Perú realized Online Youth Meeting Trujillo: They had fun times, creating a pleasant atmosphere, and sharing on issues of values, seeking the optimal development of values in young people.

On September 13, IAYSP Perú realized the meeting of Puno High School students: The young adolescents had a pleasant moment in which they shared about the value of young people in community service, through which they were able to strengthen their conviction to lead an altruistic life.

On September 6, 13, 20, 27, IAYSP Perú realized Online Youth Meeting Puno: Through these meetings held every Sunday, the young people carried out different dynamics and activities aimed at living a life for the benefit of others and strengthening the bonds of friendship.

On September 6,13,20,27, IAYSP Perú realized 4 Online Youth Meeting Lima with the themes: Patience in youth, a grateful heart, and real responsibility. The young people had unique moments of fun and learning that captured their hearts and motivated them to cultivate these values in their daily lives.

Location: Puno High School Students & Puno city
Location: Lima
Location: Comas & Trujillo