One Million Trees 2030 Campaign (Afghanistan)

Youth and Students for Peace in Afghanistan launched the One Million Trees 2030 campaign on April 22nd 2019, on the International Day of Earth. This campaign was launched at the Awarang private school with more than 300 young students who all planted a tree inside their school yard. YSP – Afghanistan also signed an MoU with Bamyan Municpality to support and work together for One Million Trees 2030 campaign that can help immensely the reforestation work in Bamyan Province of Afghanistan. In 2019 YSP in partnership with Bamyan Municpality planted around 200 trees in Bamyan city. Bamyan Deputy Mayor has been the main supporter of this campaign and he personally has joined many of the tree planting events organized by the YSP volunteers in Bamyan .  Takhar Province is another province that has joined the One Million Trees 2030 campaign. With help and supports of the volunteers, YSP – Afghanistan planted more than 100 trees in 3 schools in Takhar. Afghanistan has 34 Provinces, YSP – Afghanistan are working to bring the One Million Trees 2030 campaign in all the 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

Today, deforestation is occurring at an alarming rate, and currently, only about 2% of Afghanistan is covered with forests. Generally, environmental experts recommend that 15 percent of a country like Afghanistan should be forested in order to prevent topsoil erosion and sustain good air quality. The largest areas of forests are located in the provinces of Kunar, Nangarhar, and Nuristan. In fact, environmentalist have stated that if the current trend is not reversed, all forests in Afghanistan will disappear in the next 30 years. As the forests go, so will lots of wildlife species, further damaging Afghanistan’s biodiversity. Not only will Afghanistan suffer economically, but there will also be an increase in fatalities and damages as a result of flooding.

Knowing this great danger facing Afghanistan, Youth and Students for Peace in Afghanistan has focused mainly on environmental protection and Climate Action activities. Through this project YSP – Afghanistan can support the Sustainable Development Goal 13 (Climate Action) and Sustainable Development Goal 15 (Life on Land).

One Million Trees 2030 campaign is a 10 year-long campaign till year 2030 that will work on campaigning, raising awareness about Climate Change and encouraging the Afghans to plant trees for a green and clean Afghanistan.