Nasese Clean-Up Campaign (Fiji)

IAYSP conducted the “Nasese Clean-up Campaign” project For Youth and students for Peace-Fiji on November 13th, 2021.

There was a total of 17 participants. Which consisted of 13 were new participants and 4 Committee Members.

All the participants gathered together at 3 pm at the Peace Embassy Center/YSP Headquarters in Suva. The participants introduced themselves, followed by a brief stretching session led by YSP Fiji Acting-President Shivnil Menon.

Before reaching the coastline, they split into two groups of 8 and 7. After a rigorous cleaning for 40 minutes, they returned to the YSP headquarters for refreshments.

The purpose of the Clean-Up Campaign was to engage youths in taking action, keep their environment clean, raise awareness about the littering problem near coastlines, and develop a sense of appreciation for the coastal ecosystem.

This campaign also helped strengthen the social skills of communication and teamwork of each individual.