Moringa Project in Massi Secondary school -Benin

The Moringa tree planting project started on 21 March 2019 in Massi School by IAYSP in Benin, five weeks after a seminar about the project and with the agreement of leaders of the school. In addition, collecting plastic bags by students in the community helped to clean the environment and gave a good impact in the community. Moringa trees have a lot of benefits for people as medicine and absorb CO2 more than other trees in nature and contribute to protect against climate change.

The student leaders, the Head of the school and the general secretary of the Parents’ Association, learned from IAYSP how to prepare the plastic bags with sand. Some 2,000 bags with sand were prepared with seeds for planting. After the germination of the seeds, IAYSP-BENIN and the administration of the school organized and worked with 158 students to prepare the land and planted 1,500 moringa trees. The participants included professors, students and parents; all were happy and, in this way, invested themselves in hope for the future. Students are now encouraging other schools in the district to follow their example to protect the environment.