Literary encounters with the Syrian Author Hamed Abboud (Austria)

“Der Tot backt einen Geburtstagskuchen“ (“the death is backing a birthday cake”)

On the 17th October 2019, BUP Verein and YSP Austria co-organized a reading by the Syrian Author Hamed Abboud. The author read extracts of his book “Der Tot backt einen Geburtstagskuchen” (“the death is baking a birthday cake”) in Arab and his friend read the German version.

In his book he tells stories of his real-life experiences, such as his 3-month journey from Syria to Austria as a refugee and his first months at the refugee camp in Burgenland, etc. The audience, which consisted of about 30 people, was really moved by his stories. Hamed has the talent to combine sad stories with humor which makes it easy to listen.
In the second part he presented some extracts of his new book “In meinem Bart versteckte Geschichten” that will be published soon.

After the reading the audience could ask questions and talk with the author during the buffet, which was organized by the BUP Verein. Thank you Hamed for sharing your story with us and the BUP Verein for organizing!