International Youth Day (Philippines)

The Youth and Students for Peace- Philippines (YSP), in partnership with Hyo Jeong- Youth Leadership Training Program (HJ-YLT), organized a webinar in celebration of the International Youth Day on August 12, 2020. Commemorated this program to support the contributions of youth in local, national, and international Sustainable Development Goals.
The theme for UN International Youth Day is “Youth Engagement in Global Action. Sixty-six participants across the globe participated together with local and international guest speakers.

Dr. Julius Malicdem, Sub-Regional Director of Southeast Asia, Universal Peace Federation, gave the opening remarks. He quoted from Dr. Jose Rizal in his book El Filibusterismo, “Where are you, you children who must embody the vigor of life that has fled from your veins, the purity of ideas that has become in our minds and the fire of enthusiasm that has gone out in our hearts? We await you. Oh, youth! Come, we await you!.” A message of hope that talks about the importance of youth roles. Saying they are crucial to bring a change to our nations and the world.

Main speakers and MC of the program

The event became exceptional with the presence of International President of Youth and Student for Peace, Mr. Koji Matsuda, as he asked the youth with the help of the Late 35th President of United States, Pres. John F. Kennedy. He quotes: “Ask not what your country can give for you -ask what you can do for your country.” He emphasized how the potential of the youth in nation-building by reviving the moral values and core values of YSP; Responsibility, Integrity, Service, and Empathy.

Chairperson of National Youth Commission, Hon. Ryan Enriquez gave a special message. He said: “The National Youth Commission will spearhead the youth in honing leadership for Generation Z. Youth must value honesty, integrity, and love to God and the county. “ In the time of COVID-19, Youth should be optimistic and do alternative activities like gardening, online selling, cooking, etc. He concluded his message by reminding youth to always look for guidance from above.

The Josol Brothers (Mr. Philson and Philcob Josol) gave a beautiful number as they sang “Still Breathing” by Green Day. And the Hyo-Jeong Youth Leadership Training Program gave a dance number and heart touching video presentation as they expressed their desire to be an inspiration for youth who lose their hope in fighting their anxiety and depressions.

On the theme “Youth Engagement for Global Action,” YSP creates a platform for organizations that had shown activities and projects that make an impact and change in its society. Dr. Venus Agustin, Secretary-General of World Tong IL Moo Do Federation, gave a short background presentation. He showcased the Zero to Hero program that raises Youth from nothing into something. They helped out-of-school Youth to enroll in school and disciplined through Tong IL Moo Do, who is under the influence of drugs and human trafficking. A presentation made by Mr. Ronnie Sodusta, President of HJ Youth and Leadership- International. He expressed how much he is excited to help the young people by joining his organization’s online activities “YLT Talk.

Next, there was a presentation by Ms. Ella Mae Perez, Vice-President of NCR, World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles- Philippines. She shared interfaith activities of the organization bringing brothers and sisters of faith through universal principles as we are one family under God despite the cultural difference, beliefs, and customs.
In a presentation made by Mr. Rene Lansangan, he explained the vision and mission of YSP Pilipinas that aligns in supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The program ended with a Congratulatory Remarks by Prof. Richell Jalipa, Regional President of IAYSP. He expressed to all viewers who are watching the event to come and join the organization’s online activities as the youth today are in the challenge of taking action.