Home that Reads (Lar que Lê) – Promotion of Familiar Literacy Project (Brazil)

Kids with candy

On April 24, 2021, the launch of the project “Lar que Lê” – Home that reads – took place. The project intends to raise awareness about the importance of parents reading, chat, singing, and playing with their children. There were three sections to avoid lump due to the covid 19 pandemic.

The incentive for reading and a daily investment for children’s education from the parents is fundamental; for their cognitive and emotional development. However, it is often neglected, especially in families that have less money. Once Brazilian schools are closed since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, holding only online classes, it became an even more urgent issue.

The location chosen for the first presential activity is a government-funded residential condominium where low-income families were relocated to leave slums. Besides lectures for parents and activities with the children, chocolates, and books raised in a campaign were donated to create a community library.

The activity will have a follow-up through social media, where we share tips, specialist lectures and motivate parents and children with reading challenges and other activities.

YSP’ Staff Holding books

Kid with book

People watching the lecture

All the staff involved