Global Youth Project #Japan #Cambodia

“I really understood what One Global Family is all about through the communication with Cambodian students,” reflected one of the participants.

IAYSP Japan and IAYSP Cambodia held the Global Peace Project in Cambodia on August 7 – 21, 2019, with thirty Japanese youth and twenty-five Cambodian college students joining the program. This tour comprised of four main activities: 1) Planting three hundred fifty moringa seedlings in Kampot city for the conservation of the environment; 2) Visiting primary schools and conducting hygiene education and diarrhoea prevention; 3) Experiencing the culture of One Global Family across the borders through a Japanese culture class, and 4) Learning about the importance of peace from Cambodian history.

Each participant was able to consider valuable lessons in life through these projects and intercultural experiences.

YSP Japan first started this project with YSP Cambodia in 2018.