Global Youth Camp 2019 #Palau

Theme: “The Role of Youth in Creating A Culture of Peace”

“The best workshop in my life” Manning Pears, Belau Modekngei School, Palau.

Thirty-three youth from different states in the pristine paradise of Palau, along with international students, gathered at Coco Beach Resort in Ngiwal on December 7 and 8 to attend Global Youth Camp. International Association of Youth and Students for Peace (IAYSP) hosted the youth empowering workshop with the theme, “The Role of Youth in Creating a Culture of Peace.” The workshop was in celebration of the United Nations’ International Volunteer Day – officially held on December 5, 2019. The Global Youth Camp became even more special with the presence of IAYSP International Chairman, Dr. Robert S. Kittel; International President Mr. Koji Matsuda; President of International Peace Leadership College (IPLC), Dr. Venus Agustin; President of IAYSP Asia-Pacific, Prof. Richell Jalipa; President of IAYSP Oceania, Mr. Daniel Meadows; and the President of Palau National Youth Council (PNYC), Mr. Hadden Seklii.

One night and two days of various engaging activities inspired the youth to become empowered for the cause of peace and volunteering. Mr. Tim Beketaut, Representing Palau National Youth Council (PNYC), gave welcoming remarks during the opening ceremony. The Global Youth Camp included activities such as: coastal cleanup along Ngiwal Beach, martial arts training, peace designers’ training, character education, and lectures from President Matsuda, Dr. Kittel and Dr. Agustin. This engagement further encouraged our participants to seek a new perspective of peace in their lives.

This event was made possible through the close cooperation of the Government of Palau, the Universal Peace Federation and IAYSP. Importantly, it was in preparation for the Asia-Pacific First Ladies Summit 2019 in Palau.