Forum on the Importance of social norms and values ( Zambia)

IAYSP-Zambia, in partnership with Vic Talk Motivation and Visionary Students Initiative, conducted a youth seminar with the Theme “Importance of social norms and values.”

The event was on March 26th, at Peace Embassy Building, Lusaka Zambia, to educate youth on the importance of values.

The program began with opening remarks from the President of IAYSP Zambia, Soondo Mutewa, where he shared an overview of the program and then ran a brief introduction of the organizations involved and also about the audience. The participants were mostly students from different universities in Lusaka. The majority of the participants were from a school called Barlastone park school, which has students from grades 7, 8, and 9.

The program was followed by an introduction to the organization, given by Soondo Mutewa, the organization representative. He shared the essence of the organization and the activities it was able to achieve in the year 2020. It inspired a lot of members, making them eager to join the organization. The program was then lead by the event’s guest speaker, Rev. David Isaac Phiri. He shared the importance of understanding our purpose as human beings and keeping one’s purity which is key to having a happy life. The conference then concluded by inviting participants to sign the pledge, which seeks to promote the values of principles of pure love, a healthy society, and a world of peace for future generations.