Forum on Peace and Development #DR Congo

IAYSP DR Congo directed a Forum on Peace and Development on February 13, 2021, in Kinshasa, Bumbu commune conference room.

The forum purposed to encourage young people to contribute to the integral development of the city and reduce the rate of crime.

Together with partners Atelier le Palmier Ongd and the Biso Na Biso Tobongisa platform, IAYSP brought together politico-administrative officials, parliamentarians, representatives of civil society, and representatives of youth organizations from the Bumbu and Celembao municipalities. The theme was, “Peace and Asset Development.”

Furthermore, several personalities were present, including: the Mayor of the Municipality of Bumbu and his assistant, the National Parliamentarian Nsingi Pululu, the head of the National Intelligence Agency / Bumbu Antenna, and the Head of Police.