Foreign language Classes to foster Global Leaders (Venezuela)

IAYSP-Venezuela started teaching languages!!
Korean Classes – Basic Level:

During July, IAYSP-Venezuela conducted Korean language classes. Through this course, they want to motivate the young people who are participating to connect more with the mission of YSP.

The group has great potential and wants to make significant changes in their country, Venezuela. IAYSP is teaching all classes through the Google Meet platform. They will continue to hold the classes for all participants and transmit Korean culture in Venezuela.

English Classes:

Venus Vásquez, a new member of YSP, is teaching English classes for members and new people. She is a young woman who offered to support IAYSP activities. She is also participating in the family festival. And together with her, IAYSP-Venezuela is planning to carry out various activities, especially a music project for August 12 to be carried out online.