Donations to More Than Three Hundred People in Venezuela

The alliance with the Wairen Foundation continues to grow, filling IAYSP Venezuela with increased confidence and unity to carry out activities that a diverse range of organizations has been programming. Gradually, they have come to support each other.

In this opportunity, the Wairen Foundation offered a large donation of toys, clothes, and materials that make it possible to organize events with four catered activities for children, parents, teachers, and the elderly.

On December 12, they supported an event organized by the Wairen Foundation. YSP, Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP), and the Incorruptible Possible Foundation team participated in the logistics, singing, and sharing time. Donations of food, toys, and ice cream were delivered to children, representatives, and volunteers – reaching an audience of approximately ninety-five people, most of whom were children – to provide them with a moment of great joy at this time of year. The event was considerably victorious and successful.

In the Last Call Pentecostal Church, they carried a campaign for donating toys. They managed to deliver two hundred toys to the Caracas-Pintosalinas community. Community church members were pleased with YSP participation and expressed interest in remaining in contact for future activities.

Also, together with WFWP, YSP organized a toy delivery for the children of the Sunhak Project. The donation instilled feelings of joy in the children, which were deserved for their great efforts and motivations. YSP have been able to work with the musical area, learning and showcasing their fine musical talent.