Distribution of Food and Hygiene Kits for Students in Precarious Situations #France

“It’s hard to be twenty in 2020” – Emmanuel Macron. Pronounced more than a year ago now, this sentence from Emmanuel Macron is still relevant in today’s context. Indeed, while the Covid-19 pandemic struck the whole world in early 2020, France has witnessed its students encountering far-reaching difficulties. This point of student difficulty is not only based on personal points of view, but from a professional and economic perspective.

To help students going through these difficulties, IAYSP France worked in collaboration with the Association IPOMA to support their needs through organizing the distribution of food and hygiene kits to students in Paris.

IAYSP France has compiled collections of food donations and hygiene products – pasta, rice, canned food, tampons / sanitary napkins, shower gel, toothpaste, depilatory cream, and shampoo – over a one month period.

They have contacted large retailers asking them to donate their surplus or unsold goods. Additionally, IAYSP solicited the generosity of individuals by asking them to purchase surplus items whenever they do their shopping. For those who were unable to make food and hygiene donations, they could offer a financial donation on our website to support them as an alternative.

Thus, thanks to word of mouth and promotion of our campaign on various social networks, YSP was able to collect an abundant number of donations to apportion to students in need.

The distribution of these food and hygiene kits took place during the whole day. They welcomed the students as the day went along and offered them sessions of board games and moments of discussion to relax and share a convivial moment altogether.

They had several volunteers who helped with leafleting, greeting students, and preparing meal trays for students to take home in addition to the kits.

It was an enriching experience for YSP volunteers and students who shared their hearts with the organizing team; they are very grateful for this initiative.

The students encouraged the volunteers to make this activity ongoing to ensure other students could benefit from the benevolence and warm atmosphere that reigned during the event.

IAYSP France has scheduled the next distribution of food and hygiene products to take place during September.

In the meantime, they are accumulating items in their food bank for a large number of students.