Cote d’Ivoire: Launching YSP activities at Attécoubé

With the aid of the Mayor of Attécoubé, Mr. Paulin Claude Danho, YSP-Cote d’Ivoire in partnership with Attécoubé Peace Council launched its activities at Attécoubé Municipal Highshool on the 18th of April. The ceremony brought together 250 people including 200 students. The purpose of this event was to create a framework for exchange and training for young people and students to inspire future leaders who are responsible and committed to a strong nation. The theme of the event was: “The Role of Youth and Students in Building a Sustainable Peace Culture.”

The ceremony began with the national anthem of Ivory Coast, followed by an opening prayer by Mrs. Adamou. The welcome address was given by the Representatives of some Heads of Schools. YSP President Mr.Brou Konan Jean Marie gave the main speech. He emphasized the role of parents, educators and young leaders. He explained that this role goes far beyond simply giving the youth intellectual knowledge. Moral and ethical education equally matters, because our values are forged by the education of our heart and personality.

Cultivating one’s heart and personality has a great impact on one’s ability to achieve certain intangible goals, which are the sources of lasting fulfillment and happiness.

He ended his remarks by explaining that to realize hopes and dreams, a young person needs a loving family environment where true love can shape his/her conscience and heart. After the conference, Loukou Pierre Kanga was appointed as the President of YSP for Municipal High School. Mr. Richard Beugre, the Secretary General of UPF – Cote d’Ivoire, gave a word of encouragement on behalf of the President of UPF, His Excellence AKA Saye Lazard. He congratulated YSP and Attecoube Peace Council for the successful launch.

The last speech was that of the 6th Deputy Mayor who represented the Mayor of Attécoubé. He expressed the Mayor’s wish to turn the youth of Attecoube into responsible young people who are committed to a peaceful and clean town through Sanitation projects. The ceremony ended with a group photo and a cocktail at the the home of a Peace Ambassador.

Prepared by Brou Konan Jean Marie