Character Education to be Taught in Schools #Zimbabwe

The President of IAYSP Zimbabwe, Mr. Chishamba, was accompanied by various leaders to sign a memorandum of agreement together with Hon. Chikwesere. During this meeting, held on April 30, an […]

Peace Heroes – Dolores Huerta #Austria

On April 28, 2022, IAYSP Austria organized the fourth online event of the monthly series, “Peace Heroes.” The event proceeded with a presentation surrounding the inspiring life and achievements of […]

Character Education #Zimbabwe

On April 16, Mr. Tigere went to Bradley to give a character education introduction to the youth. The lecture was carried out during the evening, and many of the participants […]

Project with the Blind Association of Liberia

On April 8, 2022, YSP convened with several leaders of the Blind Association of Liberia. The Vice President of the United Blind Association of Liberia spoke on how the visually […]

Character Education and Skills Development in Digital Age #Cambodia

IAYSP Cambodia organized a one-day seminar on the theme, “Youth Seminar Character Education and Skills Development in Digital Age.” Accompanied by three participants from Malaysia and three Cambodian youth, the […]

Youth Dream Television Show #Burkina Faso

Since 2021, IAYSP Burkina Faso has partnered with 22Etsix to create a television program for young people in Ouagadougou, with the publication of several episodes being released in the beginning […]