Character Education (Democratic Republic of Congo)

IAYSP-DR Congo organized Character Education with 512 participants on May 29, 2021, in Kinshasa, Soleil School, Saint Felix School, and Kindu’s city.

Intending to instill a culture of peace and pure love in the school environment, the first conference of character education focused on the theme: What does it mean to be good?. It was for the finalist students in Soleil School with 48 students.

For the finalist students of the Saint Felix School, IAYSP presented the synoptic of character education based on the first six chapters, finally encourage young students to cultivate peace and pure love in the community school with 64 people.

And through its Kindu branch in Maniema province, YSP had co-organized with the Kasuku Institute a cultural day with the theme: Awareness of students facing the attitude of young people. The objective was to make young students aware of the kind of behavior to adopt in the face of the rise in juvenile delinquency.
The audience was made up of students and teachers from 9 different schools in Kindu’s town, with 400 people attending the program.