Celebrating Youth Day in Zambia – New Challenges, New Initiatives

IAYSP Zambia joined in partnership with Vic Talk Motivation and Global Youth Inspiration to devise a youth seminar on the theme, “New challenges, new initiatives,” on March 12, 2021, at the Peace Embassy Building in Lusaka, Zambia. The purpose of the seminar was to celebrate the National Youth Day of Zambia and network with other youth organizations to find ways to work together to change our country for the better.

The program was instigated with opening remarks from one of the youth from the Global Youth Inspiration. Then, it was followed by a message from IAYSP Zambia chapter President, Soondo Mutewa. He shared an introduction to IAYSP, activities completed throughout the previous year, and upcoming activities.









This sharing sparked plenty of interest from the participants and also the guest speakers. The event was graced by the presence of Mr. James Chola, a Dean from Cavendish University located in Lusaka. He shared the importance of volunteer activities with youth NGOs and how these can act as platforms for change – not only to provide experiences the students need in their different fields of study but to contribute to society. Chola also gave an inspirational message to participants to work hard and follow their dreams despite the lonely path one has to accept in their journey.

The event also heard from an adolescent youth activist, Bertha Chulu. She advocates for the prevention of early marriages and teenage pregnancies. Ms. Bertha shared her experiences with volunteer activities and how this helped her grow to be the person she is today.

Volunteer activities also emboldened her to receive training even from the United Nations. She encouraged participants to become active with youth NGOs and use it as an opportunity to catapult their way forward toward realizing their dreams.
The event was then closed by closing remarks from the President of GYI, Ms. Joyce Cholwe, who thanked everyone for their participation and welcomed everyone to become a part of the activities the organizations would pursue together.