Alliance of Organizations for Peace #Panama

Last Sunday, September 20, IAYSP Panama carried out, “Alliance of Panamanian Organizations for Peace” through Zoom, to commemorate the International Day of Peace.

Six non-governmental organizations convened: Volunteers from Panama, Network of Youth Region 4s and HTCQ, Crecer, We are One Panama and Youth Against Climate Change in Panama – who promote peace from different areas, from the environment to the inclusion of people with disability. Fifty-two  people attended, including young people and adults, where the audience percentage was mostly national, but people also joined from countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua, and Brazil.

The aim was to promote and encourage young people to adopt change within their home environment or by joining any non-profit institution to help their community. The involvement of project Crecer, was particularly beneficial as they enthusiastically expanded on new types of thinking and concerns towards individual development to effectively function in society.
The reception from the public was optimistic and very inspiring, both for the six organizations and IAYSP Panama; favoring their growth and organization. Contact information was exchanged and there were a congregation interested in working and supporting the organizations and IAYSP Panama.
For the future, we will consider collaborating again with these organizations to create more projects and alliances that attract young people.