Aid Action for Ukraine #France

On May 7, 2022, together with the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) in France, IAYSP France organized a flea market to support the ongoing efforts of IAYSP Moldova, the reconstruction of Ukraine, and those still residing in the country.

Members have met many empathetic people who have stood in solidarity with Ukraine. This event was also an opportunity for IAYSP to connect further with the neighborhood and develop our friendships.

Thanks to the support of several older WFWP members, the organizers were able to offer many different types of cakes, clothes, bags, drinks, meals, Japanese calligraphy, and an origami workshop.

This day was a great success that exceeded YSP members’ expectations. They raised more than 700 euros, with the various expenses subtracted. At the end of the event, the amount was equally distributed between IAYSP France and WFWP France.

The collected amount will be sent to the IAYSP chapter in Moldova.