Four Family Loves (Suriname)

On March 23, YSP Suriname conducted their second Four Family Loves Seminar at FFWPU HQ, Wanica. It was a continuation of the seminar of Four Family Loves which was held on March 16. Three lectures were presented. The titles were “Sustainable Peace ,“Brother and Sister’s Love” and “Free Teens.” It was attended by 11 youths (including 1 university student, 3 high school students, 10 modern school students, 2 elementary students and 3 guests.

The first lecture “Sustainable Peace”, was given by Mr. O’Niel Kasanoemar. He said that corruption and accidents are happening in the world today because people make wrong choices in setting their priorities. Living for the sake of others is not the priority. It was followed by the second lecture “Brother and Sister Love”, given by Silma Rotgans. She said that children are not necessarily brother and sister just because they share the same DNA, but rather the way they are raised by their parents makes them brothers and sisters. What matters is that we have a common origin and we are capable to love. We can practice siblings love by teaching what is sacrifice, what is responsilbilty and how to protect nature.

Furthermore, a third lecture was given by Mrs. Claudia Rotgans on “Free Teens.” By using recent statistics, she explained why young people have to practice abstinence. Different consequences where shown if abstinence is not practiced. Lastly Mr. Roël Rotgans, stated the reason why the Free Teens Lecture has to be included. It is a fact that the highest rate of STD’s is found in youths from age 15 and up. If the young people make the right choice and stay abstinent they can help their country. They can keep themselves busy with studies, things pertaining to goodness and public service.