Mirai Teigen 2020 (Japan)

IAYSP-Japan Naka Nihon chapter organized the “Mirai Teigen Assembly 2020” on October 24th at Nagoya city in Aichi Prefecture, and a total of 10,000 people joined it (included by online participants). The theme was “Road to sustainable regional development.”

In the beginning, Mr. Masayuki Terao, the Secretary-General of the Naka Nihon Chapter, gave an organizer’s greeting message and introduced YSP activities. After the Congratulatory remarks from some parliament members of Japan, 3 Youth members did S!NERGY to suggest their ideas to solve the social issues, and every audience was so inspired. Mr. Hiroaki Takeuchi, the president of IAYSP-japan also, gave a keynote speech.

This event was broadcasted by the YouTube channel, and lots of Youth also watched it.