4th Nomination of Young Ambassadors for Peace #Brazil

On July 13, 2022, IAYSP-Brazil’s 4th Nomination of Young Ambassadors for Peace event was held through Zoom and streamed on YouTube. IAYSP hosted the event, with support from the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), where twelve nominees and outstanding young personalities were awarded Young Ambassadors for Peace

The two-hour program reached a total of 339 people on the live broadcast on Zoom and YouTube; with a total of 1300 views on YouTube.

The process, from the selection of ambassadors to the event, was carried out with great dedication by the staff team. They interviewed each of the candidates – introducing UPF and IAYSP, and asking questions to the candidates – and created a closer relationship of trust and respect.

The event took place in a light and inspiring way, with musical performances and brief words from each nominated ambassador. Also, one of the greatest Christian rock band, Rosa de Saron, that have national influence, received the title of Young Ambassadors for Peace. They were very grateful to receive the award and are now excited to work in partnership with YSP and UPF in future events.