YSP Samoa United Students of Oceania (USO) Webinar #6: Goodness and Politics (Samoa)

IAYSP-Samoa had its 6th United Students of Oceania (USO) webinar on September 24th under the theme: Goodness and politics.

IAYSP interviewed the local ministers of parliament of Samoa, as well as a minister of parliament from New Zealand. They shared their views on good governance and encouraged young people to be more interested in politics.
The ministers of parliament included Lenatai Victor Tamapua (Human Rights Protection Party), Afamasaga Rico Tupai (Minister of Communication and Information Technology), La’aulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao (Leader of the FAST party), and Agnes Loheni (Member of National party, New Zealand). They each shared their viewpoints on why voting and understanding politics is vital for the youth. Mr. Lenatai explained how voting and voicing their opinion of the village mayors could help reducing inequalities within their community.

Mr. La’aulialemalietoa also expressed the importance of the opinion and voice of young people because it will contribute to the decision-making within his party. He stated that those are vital for the sustainable development of the nation.
After the interviews, they held an open discussion for the participants, where most of the youth who attended got to share their thoughts on the subject of politics and good governance.

‘Talanoa’ discussion session with participants