Watch-party for IAYSP Rally of Hope (Samoa)

On April 17th, IAYSP Samoa organized a watch-party for the YSP Rally of Hope with the youth of the All-Saints Anglican Church, The Congregational Christian Church of Samoa, and the Potters House church at the IAYSP Samoa headquarters.
YSP Samoa members and others who couldn’t attend the event tuned in from Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the country.

The following week, YSP Samoa worked with the National University of Samoa’s TV station to have the YSP Rally of Hope broadcast on their channel, together with other past webinars, promotional videos, and Character Education webinars that YSP Samoa worked on in previous years. These videos will be broadcasted on loop for the remainder of the year.
Overall, the YSP watch party was a good experience for the youth and contributed to SDG’s #4, #10, and #16.