Tree planting project #Nigeria



IAYSP Nigeria organized a Tree Planting Project to celebrate International Youth Day.
Medicinal, fruit, and flower trees were planted in three different areas in Ogoja – Ishibori, Abakpa, and the LGA. Participants managed to plant four hundred trees through this activity with the purpose of reducing levels of poverty, sickness and to combat climate change and global warming.

This project will reduce sickness due to the medicinal nature of the trees being planted, eliminate poverty and hunger through the sale of fruits grown from the trees, and enhance our environment with beautiful flowers.

The rate participation was overwhelming. Youths tend out in their various localities. Traditional rulers welcomed the participants and Indigenes expressed their gratitude to IAYSP.

IAYSP has and will educate more youth on the need to continue this work and on different ways to use trees for medicinal purposes, economic and beautification of the environment. Modelling on how to treat the trees with insecticides, fertilizers, and water services during the dry season is also essential.