The World at a Turning Point: The Role of Youth and Students in Peace-Building (Indonesia)

Main Speakers

The Youth and Students for Peace together with Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and International Association of Academicians for Peace partnered with the Institute for Research & Community Service, MPU Tantular University, organized a one-day webinar with the theme “The World at a Turning Point: The Role of Youth and Students in Peace-Building.” It happened in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the 7th of November 2020, via Zoom and YouTube.

The purpose of this one-day webinar is to reach out to the younger generation and prospective students, develop good character as the hope of the nation, build cooperation between universities in Indonesia, and support peace.

They are determined to foster good relations between universities and students. Six chancellors from 6 universities attended and discussed character education, giving messages of peace. Prof. Dr. Thomas Selover, chairman of IAAP International, made a positive impact on this event, encouraging the youth and giving Messages of Peace.
The hope is that this activity will get the support of educational leaders. This is meant to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Number 4 and 16.

Testimonies and comments :


“The impression adds to my insight and experience. I like to mingle with other campuses with various ethnic groups” Amethalia Audina Br Tarigan from St. Thomas Catholic University Medan.


“Regarding what was conveyed by the rector of the 1945 university regarding Pancasila as an ideology which is final for the Indonesian nation. Because by being under the Pancasila umbrella we are linking together all differences for unity and not as a problem. Because within the framework of Pancasila all forms of differences are accommodated to create peace together as one nation” Kristianus Jaret from University 17 August 1945 (Pancasila is the foundation of the Indonesian state. Panca means Five and Sila means Principles)


“The lesson for me as a student… I can know what I have to do as a young child .. thank you very much, it makes me excited about the day. Thank you🙏” Marta Nefiria Halawa from St. Thomas Catholic University Medan.