Series of lessons on ECO HABITS for Primary School pupils (Russia)

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In the lessons on Eco-habits, students could learn more about:
♻Useful daily eco-habits and their Formation;
♻Recycling basics and what could be made from recyclable materials;
♻ Where in Yekaterinburg they can hand over your unnecessary things so that “garbage” finds a second life;
♻How do any of their actions affect the environment, and how to reduce the environmental harm left by me;
♻How to organize recycling station at the school/house.

The purpose of the activity was to encourage and help to form pro-active eco thinking in the younger generation, a responsible attitude to the preservation, and improvement of health.

This event is has been held three times, usually in a game format + quiz.
1) Dec 7, 2020 & Feb 1, 2021 – 20 students (7-8 years old) each
2) Jan 14 & Feb 9, 2021 – 20 students (9-10 years old) each
3) Feb 4, 2021 – 40 students (7-10 years old)

The organizers were YSP Ural, Fire of Kindness (National level project), School #92, and the Youth Club ‘Fakel’.

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