Peace Designer’s Table Online Program was held in the Latin America Region

On May 9, the first day of the Peace Designer’s Table Online Program was held. On this day, eighty-one teams were created, in which sixty-seven of them developed peace projects that supported the United Nations SDGs. The staff team consisted of twelve monitors who assisted the participants in the execution of the first stages, and two young leaders who modelled the guiding of participants accordingly.

The workshop, held online for the first time, had three weeks of preparation and vigorous effort in communication to reach the three hundred participants through Zoom and the more than one thousand viewers on the live broadcast on Facebook. Young people from Latin American countries participated in the workshop and started the development of their projects. Thirty percent of the audience consisted of new participants.

The second stage of the Peace Designer’s Table was held on May 16, and two speakers explained the next steps in the elaboration of a project and provided guidance on how to give presentations in the S!NERGY Online public-speaking program.

On May 23, the first S!NERGY Online 2020 was held. More than two thousand people watched the project presentations from the online Peace Designer’s Table workshop that took place during the previous two weeks. The event was broadcast on the Zoom, where two hundred fifty people were connected, and live on Facebook where two thousand three hundred views were accumulated.

The event was divided into three parts. The first part was conducted with the presentation of the ten best projects prepared by participants from Brazil. In the second part, the ten best projects were presented from other countries in Latin America. Both events were evaluated by judges that consisted of VIPs and Ambassadors for Peace. Finally, the third part allowed for projects that were not selected as the top ten to be exposed, so their ideas could be evaluated by judges. These projects could have their presentation sent by video or streamed live at the event.

About twenty videos were sent for evaluation. In all, thirty-one projects were presented at the event that lasted six hours. The first S!NERGY Online 2020 proved to be a success, inciting positive impressions from participants. Finally, on May 25, the winners of the S!NERGY Online 2020 were announced. Twelve teams, out of sixty-five, were selected and awarded; six teams from Brazil and six from other Latin American countries.