Peace Designer Seminar Table #04 Education and Health in Angola

IAYSP-Angola organized Peace Designer Seminar Table # 04 Education and Health in Angola on December 5th, 2020.

Ambassador Jose Carlos da Silva and his 7 Peace Makers chosen by him reflected on the theme titled: Education and Health in our country.

It is a known fact that education and health in Angola have always been neglected for many years, causing poor quality education and health problems. That is because a poor-quality education cannot produce quality health professionals.

They discussed:
The lack of libraries and incentive to read and the difficulty to access books and study materials.  The defective capacity of primary, secondary, high school, and even some university teachers. Pointing out that even if some private educational institutions may have a little more quality, they are expensive and leave many young people with no alternative than to opt for public education or public health. Although it is free, the population has to pay for almost everything else. (there is a shortage of all kinds of medical material, medicines, forcing patients/relatives to buy everything in the informal circuit).

Angola still has much unqualified health staff to face the challenges and responsibility of healing and saving lives.