Peace Design Table #14 Social Innovation & Peace (Angola)

Ambassador Lúcia Stanislas and her PeaceMakers reflected on the following theme on December 8th, 2020:

Social innovation and peace (SDG 16, 17).

The interventions are based on the perceived and experienced problems, on the vision of “integrated learning.” The realm of human evolution requires an education focused on humans and their personal development, reaching those around them positively.

Fourth Industrial Revolution, Talent Development, Individualized Education, Environmental and Ecological Education, Financial Literacy, Mental Health, Inclusion of Art and Sustainability, Curriculum, Cultural Identity and Storytelling.

Solutions were categorized.
Setting up an effective structure in the form of a project that includes a specific learning program and educational services based on the vision of integrated learning; Self-knowledge, personal development, financial literacy, immersion in arts & culture, health and wellness, technological literacy, social and environmental responsibility.

The project will be designed as a solution to reflect the vision on an interdisciplinary basis. There will be a determined work dynamic that will not interfere with regular duties or professional responsibilities; participation in the design of implementation and working on solutions is the social responsibility of those involved, as conscientious citizens, who believe in moving to a world of peace.