Peace Design Table #11 Move Your Self for Health (Angola)

Ambassador for Peace Sandra Dias, together with her 10 Peace Makers, held a Dialogue for Peace Bureau on December 7th with the theme: Move for Health (SDG 3).

Questions discussed:

– How physical exercise can contribute to a healthier Angolan community
– Does physical activity benefit a child’s learning capacity, social inclusion, and gender equality
– Does sports promote, facilitate and cooperate in the implementation of these actions?

The problems pointed out were:

– The important of preventing gambling and investing (common illnesses: obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, alcohol, drugs)
– How physical exercise benefits mental and physical health promotes cognitive development of children;
– The importance of motivate pregnant women to do sports providing the right information and guidance.

Expected resources:

– Cultivate a revolutionary mind, be persistent and resilient, primary educational information (family education), awaken and raise awareness of our society, provide more information, and others.