Peace Design Table # 10 The role of young people in building a safe society (Angola)

On December 7th, the Peace ambassador Mayassanda Pinguissa and nine peacemakers reflected on the topic titled: The role of young people in building a safe society.
They plan to Promote access to justice and involve young people in mechanisms that potentially can transform social reality and empower young people to define peacekeeping policies within the year 2030.

The peacekeeping policies include:
-Promotion of dialogue
– Acceptance of the other’s terms and conditions
– Acceptance for change within the limits
– Development of government policy that is attractive to young people.

The social inclusion projects that are projects for a culture of peace in the communities include:
– School for education and training for young people
– Promotion of various art forms
– Performances from schools of arts
– Promotion of sports
– Education for the prevention of early pregnancy in communities.


– Stimulate and promote dialogue between young people
– Pay attention to the interaction between young people in the community
– Reassure conflict situations as a result of a misunderstanding
– Talk with those involved to a space outside the community
– Promotion of culture, arts, and sports as a way to involve young people and to combat crime and conflict.