Peace Design Table #08 Educating to Save (Angola)

Ambassador Luzimira João and eight Peacemakers led by her held their Peace Design Table on December 6th, 2020, which reflected on the theme: Educating to Save (SDG 3 and 4). They counted with 56 participants and more than 1000 viewers through Facebook.

Education and health are the basis for the development of any society. In Angola, these branches are of great concern as there are countless opportunities for improvement. Basic sanitation needs to be overhauled, especially in Luanda province. To improve sanitation, treating the produced solid waste will not be enough. They will make the community aware of their responsibility to reduce the waste, which starts from caring about it.

The main question was: how can basic hygiene be improved through education?


– The lack of awareness of preventable diseases
– The state of the sanitary facilities
– Low standard of living and urban decline


– To help communities in need reduce / or prevent pathologies by utilizing natural resources
– To protect the environment and make these activities financially profitable


– Implementation of green filters to eliminate standing water and solid waste, reduce insects and risks of infection and contamination that affect the health of the population

Target audience:

-Residents, housewives, retires, teenagers, residents with backyards.