Peace Design Table #05 Mission and Development Path of the Educational System (Angola)

IAYSP-Angola organized the Peace Design Table #05 titled: Mission and Development Path of the Educational System on December 6th, 2020.
Ambassador Alda Manuel and ten peacemakers reflected on the trajectory of the educational system in Angola.

They discussed about 1. How can the education system in Angola be improved?, 2. If is it possible to include national languages in Angola’s education system?, 3. What can we do as young people to improve our education quality?.

They listed the Education challenges in their country and some solution as bellow:


– Education without quality
– Lack of qualified teachers
– Educational, political, and infrastructure strategies poorly adapted to the realities of Angola
– Insufficient investment in resources (OGE)
– Low investment in human capital
– Little inclusive education
– Collision between culture/tradition and the education system
– Lack of continuous training to overcome situations involving rural communities
– Lack of training schools for learning national languages
– Lack of supporting bibliography in general, and specifically in national languages ​​used for education, corruption.


– Leadership and sustainability in science
– Betting on well-equipped theoretical and practical spaces
– Pedagogical, academic, and training of teachers
– Change of the school calendar in the countryside according to the sowing time and the harvest period
– Government investing in rural communities with the implementation of agricultural industries, farms and boosting rural business, rejecting corruption.

Concluding the dialogue with how to bring those solutions into practice.