Peace Design Table #03 Afforestation (Angola)

IAYSP-Angola organized a Peace Designer seminar on December 15th, 2020.
Ambassador Nádia Rodrigues and 9 Young Peace Makers chosen by her reflected on the theme Afforestation: Green streets – long life (SDG 13).

The problem found was atmospheric heating in the urban district of Zango.

The participants were guided to answer three questions:

  1. Why to Arborize?
    Because it can help the population in that district improve their health and several situations that endanger their lives.
  2. How to do it?
    As YSP Young Peace Makers, to can help with planting trees by running an afforestation campaign.
  1. Who will participate?
    The Peace Makers themselves, getting the involvement of the local community and other volunteers.

At the end of it, they concluded that a real and viable solution to this problem is collective participation. That should involve the community to take care of the trees’ growth from an early age, which will lead them to create concrete action plans for the future.