Opening of the Character Education project at the Mama Muxima Center #Angola

Within the scope of implementing the Character Education project to Reception Centers (orphanages – nursing homes), IAYSP Angola held an introductory workshop to implement Character Education in the curriculum of the Mama-Muxima Center on Saturday, 16 October. The Workshop had a live streaming transmission at the Mama-Muxima Center.

YSP Nucleus was created, as well as the multiplication of members. The Projects Department, in partnership with the Department of Education of YSP Angola and the NGO Big Muxima, held several protocol meetings for the following projects:

The work coordination in these centers is the Project Director of YSP Angola, Dr. Ariana Vigelandzoon; the Vice-President and Coordinator of the Character Education project of YSP Angola, Mr. José Calembe; and the Ambassador for Peace and founder of the NGO Big Muxima, Dr. José Carlos da Silva.