Meeting with the world champion in 48 hours running (Russia)

The main hero and the YSP activist Olga

This activity was a meeting with an amazing person, an athlete – Gennady Valugin, born in Yekaterinburg, World champion in 48-hour running.

High school students from the village of Istok met the champion, an example of an active and healthy lifestyle, for the first time. The guys from the school’s press center interviewed him, received gifts from the race in Paris, and took pictures. Also, in the active part, the participants shared about their dreams, goals they strive for.

Gennady Valugin’s champion talk covered the following topics :
💫 how to achieve greater goals;
💫 where to start your victories;
💫 how to self-train and not giving up in the middle of the path;
💫fill your life with meaning and aspiration.

One of the students, Nastya Kubyshkina, also shared her experience of freediving and her recent interest in it, the benefits and impact on her life.

At the meeting