IAYSP Senegal Inauguration

On January 19, 2019, IAYSP Senegal was launched in the largest facility of Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, Senegal. A total number of 865 guests participated. The VIPs attending included: Cheikhena Lam, the Director of Programs and Curriculum from the Ministry of Education, Khadim Diop, the President of National Youth Council of Senegal, along with five faculty mediators, the President of UPF of Senegal, Mr. Dethie Diouf, mediators from Dakar and Ziguinchor universities, principals and directors of secondary schools, student leaders, youth community leaders of Tivaouane Peulh and the Mouride, and 17 media groups (TV stations, newspapers and radio). It started with welcoming remarks from Professor Ndiacé DIOP, mediator of Dakar University after Muslim and Christian prayers. Mr. Modou Sall, a youth leader and president of organizing committee, gave welcoming remarks.

The winners of S!NERGY, a speech contest held the previous day, showed their talents during the inauguration. Their presentations and their passion to solve social issues created a very warm atmosphere. Professor Ndongo, an emeritus Social Sciences professor with 30 years of experiences in peace studies and conflicts resolution across Africa and the first Ambassador for Peace in Senegal, gave a wonderful speech to testify to the work of the late Father Moon and is wife, Mother Moon, who founded IAYSP in 2017. Mr. Philbert Seka, President of IAYSP in Africa, gave the inaugural message saying that “YSP in Senegal needs to raise future global leaders who will not only belong to Senegal but will have the heart to serve in other countries with a desire to tackle global challenges.”

This was followed by Mr. Koji Matsuda, International Senior Vice-President of IAYSP, who gave the keynote address presenting YSP activities throughout the world. During his presentation, Vice-President Matsuda said, “If everyone gathered here today becomes the owner of YSP, expands these projects and develops good character, then the culture of this nation will become progressive and peaceful.”

The faculty leaders from the five universities attending the program each received a certificate as a Youth Ambassador for Peace and were determined to follow YSP’s vision to establish a chapter on each of their campuses. Khadim Diop, President of National Youth Council, said he wanted to sign an MOU with YSP to insure regular activities. The National Youth Council in Senegal is in charge of 17,000 organizations for youth and students nationwide. At the end, Cheikkena Lam, the Director of Programs and Curriculum at the Ministry of Education, mentioned during closing remarks that he was ready to make the curriculum of education for peace with YSP. It was a memorable ceremony with all the university leaders and youth leaders gathered together headed toward the same goal—lasting peace.