Forum “Volunteering is the key to success” (Russia)

On 22 May, the first volunteer forum of the Oktyabrsky district was held in Yekaterinburg: “Volunteering is the key to success!”, which brought together 24 participants, including the principal of school 15, teachers, active city residents, representatives of public organizations, and school volunteers. 

The initiator was YSP, represented by Olga Solovyeva. Together with “Chapaevsky” TPS, the forum was held based on school 15 with the permission of the Department of Education. The program included educational sessions, live music, coffee breaks and lunch, raffle drawings, networking, and creative performances. The internal aim of this forum was to promote Providential Organisations, projects, and fundamental values. The external goal was developing volunteerism as an effective tool of civic-patriotic education, creating mechanisms for the promotion, and popularization of the values and practices of volunteerism in society. 

The speakers were: 

  • Evgeny Skvortsov, psychologist, coach on volunteerism and personal growth, volunteer since 1997, lead author of the concept of “Values-based Volunteering,” coordinator of Baikal Volunteer Project and “Keepers of the Urals” with the theme: “Volunteering as the basis of human development”; 
  • Andrey Burashnov, Director of FSMF programs, member of the TPS Chapaevsky Council, co-chair of the “International Union of Diasporas” with the theme: “Principles that can be used to develop your territory. Family clubs as a basis for city volunteering”; 
  • Natalya Lomaeva, representative of parents committee of Autonomous Nonprofit Organization, “Secondary General Education School No. 203 “Rodniki” with the topic: “An example of a public school for the formation of family culture, volunteerism and influence through their example on children”;
  • Ekaterina Burashnova, chairman of TPS “Chapaevsky” with the topic: “How to build volunteerism and inspire residents to help and participate in necessary and helpful activities to improve the lives of district residents through personal example of the organization”;
  • Vyacheslav Baltsevich, Chairperson of the SROO “Obshchaya Delo,” the Commissioner for the development of the organization in the Urals Federal District, member of the Council of Fathers under the Commissioner for Child Rights under the Russian President, member of the Public Council under the Sverdlovsk region with the topic: “The aim and value of the prevention of addictions and awareness of the value of a healthy lifestyle from the organization “Obshchaya Delo”;
  • Natalya Zaichenko, head of Other World Foundation, curator of All-Russian social project “Light of Kindness” in Ekaterinburg with the topic: “How volunteer work in schools it’s built through the example of the existing social project”;
  • Olga Solovyova, the curator of the forum, the presenter, and a representative of YSP, shared her views on: “New opportunities, methods and programs to develop volunteering among school children, conducted by Youth and Students for Peace. The schools testified about cooperation with our organization, and Olga also shared about the fruit of her work, Designer for Peace, all-Russian forums, and summer programs.

    All were awarded certificates of participation in the forum and letters of appreciation for cooperation with whom they worked during the school year. As a result, it was decided with the school principal to continue such activities from the beginning of the next school year.